List of All Motivational Posters

FUCK - That's coming out of your paycheck

FLASHLIGHT - This is supposed to be the future. Where the fuck's the night vision?!

DIPLOMACY - Words dont' always solve problems. Sometimes you just have to punch an alien in the face.

DESPERATION - Past a certain point, there's nothing to do but give up.

SURE THEY LOOK CUTE NOW - But wait till they drive through your fucking azaleas

BE ASSERTIVE - Because some people just won't listen to words.

BARK MODE - Switch it on

ATARI 5200 - It's bigger than a xbox

ASIAN GHOSTBUSTER - Who ya gonna carr?

AMERICA - Is this what we've become?

ALCOHOL - An acceptable aphrodisiac.

AIM HIGH - What's the worst that could happen?

ADVENTURE - Is taking inappropriate equipment to out-of-the-way places.

ABUSE OF MOTIVATOR - This used to be a picture of a man jumping over a brook.

REVOLUTIONARIES - Even if you spend your whole life combatting the force of capitalism, you still might wind up on a t

BLITZKRIEG - When you only stop for kittens

GIRLFRIENDS - They are for losers who can't download pr0n

BOOBS - You really can't go wrong with boobs

REDUNANCY - Because SOMEONE has to state the obvious.

GOOD IDEAS - In retrospect, almost never that good

IF YOU WERE A CREDIT CARD - You'd be American Express. No one accepts you.

THEY SEE ME ROLLIN - They hatin, patrollin and tryin to catch me ridin dirty

EBAY - Why bother playing to 60 when you can buy a character and say you did?

PLANNING - Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans; it's lovely to be silly at the right moment.

SUPERSTAR DJ - Stop pretending that you're making that music all by yourself.

SPORTS - Not even the Dungeons and Dragons Club tries this hard to look like such colossal dorks

SLEEP - It's like death, only not as permanent

PROCRASTINATION - Hard work ofter pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.

PORN'S LAW - The cumulative number of girls who have posed nude on the internet doubles every eighteen months.

POKER - Television makes everyone an expert

PODCASTING - With the right stage and the right voice there's no limit to the size of your audience

PESSIMISM - Every dark cloud has a silver lining, but lighting kills hundreds of people each year who are trying

OBJECTIVISM - The rich and powerful don't need instructions on how to be self-righteous assholes.

MISTAKES - It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others

MENSA - It's like a subscription to a magazine that no one reads

MEDIOCRITY - It takes alot less time and most people won't notice the difference until it's too late.

ABORTION - Don't knock it 'till you've tried it

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP - Even you can make people online think you're pretty.

THE INTERNET - Pointing out uncomfortable things since 1996.

FRATERNITIES - Why study when you can party?

FAIL - GTFO n00b

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES - I'm thinkin' Arby's

LINUX - Most people aren't intrested in assembling their car completely from scratch either

INEPTITUDE - If you can't learn to do something well, lean to enjoy doing it poorly

GOVERNMENT - Everyone is trusted to do the right thing, but no one trust anyone else to do the right thing

FUTILITY - You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and statistically speaking, 99% of the shots yo

FAILURE - When your best just isn't good enough

ENTOURAGE - In some small way, deep down inside, you just know that you're the one responsible for their success

DIAMONDS - Nothing says "I love you" like a superfical and overvalued rock clawed form the guts of the earth by

DEFEAT - For every winner, there are dozens of losers, odds are you're one of them

DATING - If it costs more than $200 to get her to put out cut your lossess and get a hooker next time

DAFT PUNK - Rock. Robot Rock

COMMITTEE - The more people involved in any project, the slower and stupider that project tends to be

CAPITALISM - When it uses the carrot it's called democracy. When it uses the stick it's called fascism

BLOGGING - We're going to need more monkeys

AWESOME - It's comforting to know that no matter what you do in life, it will never be as awesome as this pict

APATHY - If we don't take care of the customer maybe they'll stop bugging us

AGONY - Not all pain is gain

FAIL - That's why you always get picked last, fatty

OH SWEET! - Futurama's on!

RAINBOWS - Not as gay as you might think.

BERRIES & CREAM - I'm a little lad who loves them.

BALL PIT - No one comes out alive

REDUNDANCY - Just in case you're totally oblivious

DONT FEEL BAD - I laughed too. Hard

56K - I hate you I hate you I hate you

DECISIONS - His wife wouldn't tell him where to put it

WW II - This was how it was done!

GOTTI - I've got a golden ticket...

AWESOME - Once again, you will never be as awesome as this guy!

ONE PIECES - Too small you say?

WHAT THE SHIT? - Excuse me, but what the fuck are you doing?

FALSE WII ADVERTISING - How to make the most popular console even more popular

RAPE - It's like saying Hello in Japan

A DIRTY MIND - If you got one you'll see it

MICHAEL JACKSON - Possibly scarier than Pedobear

NEON SIGNS - Are best kept lit

STALKERCAT - Is watching you

WANT CAWWOT!! - Where's my cawwot?!?

BITCHSLAP - Whenever your bitch ain't being obedient.

OVERKILL - Because if Mr. Fluffykins doesn't do it, who will?

WATERGUN - Squirtle Sqirtle

THE INTERNET - Where men are men, 75% of women are men and all children under the age of 18 are really government a

THE GOOGLE! - It does everything

LOLCAT - You never knew such witty banter with cats could be so devilishly cute

LEVITATE - Learning the spell is the easy part

HERPES - God's French Tickler

DEXTERITY - Get over 20, and you can do all kinds of crazy shit

FOOD - He needs moar

ALCOHOL - When too much is never enough

MARIJUANA - It's nature's way

AMERICA - Fuck Yeah!

LEXUS - Japanese for "I can do whatever the fuck I want"

RESTRAIN - Sometimes you have to go with the flow

DOG - Who wants it?

WISDOM - The best lessons are the ones you teach yourself.

IGNORANT YOUTH - Sometimes you jsut gotta beat the kid

BOOBS - I have them so you lose

CHARGE - You are now stunned for one second

COLLEGE - The only place where shit like this happens

INPROVED GRAPPLE - It could save your life

IRONY - It just happens

THRILLER - It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark

LOVE - Your weighted companion cube will never threaten to stab you

CPR - This is not how you do it

Size does matter - Bigger and thicker... 'nuff said

ME LAWN - Stay off it!1! Why I oughta...

... - (Need I say more..?)

ATKINS DIET - So how is it a diet?

FIREFOX - Better than Explorer!!

LIGHTNING - Leaf me alone..!1!

MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS - With funny pictures and caption, often stating the obvious

SAMURAI - Latex armour optional...

SUPERHUMAN - Not everyone with superhuman abilities uses them to fight crime

HALO - It sucks

PEER PRESSURE - Because lighting your face on fire is stupid if no one cheers

GAMER GIRLS - They dont' want you, they want your video games

GAMER GIRLS - They look good but they're getting ass prints on your systems

BAD JOKES - So a baby seal walks into a club

OH HI - I would like to have a BigM- HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING

CAPS LOCK - Not necessary al the time

MULES - They want to wat your children

INNUENDO - COME ON!!! Who eats a banana like that?!


WHEN YOU SEE IT - You'll shit bricks.

CLOWNS - Ruining your childhood since before you were born.

PARTY TACTICS - There is a monster in the woods? Burn it, Burn it All

IN CASE OF FIRE - You are destined to burn

NOTICE - Thank you for noticing

EPICFAIL - Yes, Your Fail can Ruin your life

FREST ON FIRE - The poor man's Guitar Hero.

BARRETT _ M82 - For when you need to decapitate from a mile away.

SUPPORT - There when you need it, but often gets in the way.

THE SPANISH INQUISITION - Just when you least expect them

CAFFEINE - You're immune to sleep

ADVICE - PCs when you see this place, perhaps your GM is giving you a clue

Equipment - Encumbrance rules were made to be broken.

HALO3 - lemonparty,org Your source for Halo3 secrets and tips

PALADINS - Lawful Goos and Violent About it

OPTIMISM - There are times when the thought just doesn't count

STUPIDITY - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

CONSPIRACY - For some time I had suspected Reginald of wrong doing. . . Now i believe my own life to be in dange

HIT POINTS - Anything more than none means I'm ready for action, baby!

THAT"S NOT A MOTORCYCLE - Why are you even wearing a helment

MENTOS . . . . - The Freshmaker

ROADKILL - Run Faster Next Time

AFRODUCK - All hail

SURPRISE GIFT! - Betcha didn't see that one coming

INTELLIGENCE - Everything Always Seems Like A Good Idea At The Time

DARING - When people with stupid names live on the edge, they usually fall off

COURAGE - Becuase hiding in the corner is the best you can do.

Charity - Give the gift that keeps on giving. . . long after is hasd blown off someone's leg

ACCURACY - If you can't aim, just remember that spraying hits something 100% of the time

MIDGETS - Who needs black people, not?

RED RING OF DEATH - It lurks around every corner, waiting for the right moment to strike

ASTRONOMY - Always reminding you of just how insignificate you really are.

JUICE? WTF IS JUICE? - I told you I want some grape DRINK!

OHH I'M SO SORRY - You must've gotten the impression that I F******* care.

FATTIES - When you see him you'll shit bricks

CRY MORE NOOD - Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You hurt my feelings over the Internet! Mommy!


THE AMERICAN DREAM - Never having to leave the command center Ever


ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, - I'll Fuck you with a rake

BREAKFIZZLE - The most important mizzle of the dizzle. To ya health, bitch

512GB RAM - Are you ready to unleash the fuckling fury?

JAPANESE PEOPLE - Are not to be fucked with

OH MY GOD - It's a shark

FIXED - There's nothing, photoshop can't fix!

CAMOUFLAGE - Just because you cannot see them, it does not mean they cannot see you

BREAD - I has it you can has it

BATMAN - He doesn't like chocolate

APHEX TWIN - Honestly does he write this stuff or just slam his keyboard

STUPIDITY - Taking it to a whole new level

CHEESE '08 - A vote for Mayor McCheese is a vote for freedom

PEACE - Through superior bust size

CLOWN MEAT - It tastes funny

OH LOOK! - Cupcakes

WELL THEN GOOD NEWS - It's a suppository!

WHEN YOU SEE IT - You will shit bricks

BLOWING YOUR LOAD - Because that's the American way

SIZE - It's always going to matter

FUCK THE HARPOONS - We need bigger guns

WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN - Cannot be un-seen

FUCK THIS SHIT - Nuke it from orbit; it's the only way to be sure

MULTI-CLASSING - Because wizards run out of spells

HORSEPOWER - Is not measured by the size of your exhaust tip. dont be a dickhead

HILLARY CLINTON - A vote for her, is a vote for rape

FORESIGHT - Knowing then what you realize now

DORITOS - It's like a kick in the balls

PARIS - Even Photoshop knows what's up

SPEECH BUBBLES - Keeping your deepest secrets since the 50's

LEX LUTHOR - You're like the richest man in Metropolis. Can't you just BUY some cakes?

BOB ROSS - Now admit it: You always knew he was god.

MODS - They're not there when you need them, nut always there when you DON'T need them.

DUMBLEDOR - They con't call him "Headmaster" for nothing

FAILURE - Even the greatest things on earth will experience it

MONEY - You wasted it because you failed to fucking read

DISHES - Do them, now

RATE PIGS - Yeah, I feel sick too...

DARTH VAGER - Even small woodland creatures mock him...

ZOMBIES - They only want your brains

BOYFRIEND - Next to every hot chick is a guy completely bored with what he once would kill for.

PIRACY - Too important to be left up to Disney

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS - Some lessons can only be learned once

WTF BBQ! - Because sometimes it's the only proper response

KUNG FU - Mine is better then yours

FEMINISM - Not everyone can be beautiful

ABORTION - Yay omelets!

BREAF MINTS - Y'all can't be havin' no stank breaf.

MATH - 17 + 17 = 34 That's legal!

JAIL - Yes please

GEEK TEST - If you know what this is, you pass

PRIORITIES - Dude, shes got an SNES. Take it and run, I'll distract her.

MY DOG - Will rape yours... violently

MINORITY - Any show can avoid receieving criticism by adding one black guy... just one.

NIGRAS - Jesus fucking christ

STEREOTYPES - Maybe one day they'll learn

LIFE JACKETS - They'll save your life

HALLOWEEN - Better then Christmas

SELF RESTRAINT - Knowing your limit can help you to exceed your limitations

JIU JITSU - It's only gay if you make eye contact

BRUTE FORCE - If it doesn't work, you're just not using enough

HOPE - because she just might want to hear about your 12th level Paladin

CURIOSITY - You'll never know what you'll find

GEEK GIRLS - Incredibily sexxy. Must sought after. Sometimes just alittle scary.

MAC USERS - Ten percent of the market share. ninety percent of the crazy

MARRIAGE - Not intended for use with k-fed

EXCUSE ME... - WTF are you doing?

EPIC BOOBS - Can turn heterosexual females into lesbians in 0.39 seconds

EXCUSE ME... - WTF are you doing?

CHUCK NORRIS - Ultimate fucking win

STEREOTYPES - They always seem to play themselves out

VAGINA - It's not a clown car

BOX SOCIAL - I'm ready for it

12 YEAR OLDS - I can't tell the different and neither can you

BLACK PEOPLE - When you seem them, you'll shit bricks.

MOOSEKNUCKLE - Because camel toe has an ugly sister

SEDUCTION - Fuck it. Why bother? Just get those sluts drunk and wait.

VIOLENCE - It's always the answer. How'd you think we won WWII?

JAILBAIT - Sometimes it's worth it

JAILBAIT - Because if you don't hit it, someone else will

JAILBAIT - Because the best things in life are illegal

JAILBAIT - Because sometimes losing your best friend is worth doing his sister

JAILBAIT - If there grass on the field... Play ball

DAFT PUNK - Rock robot, rock

SENSE - This picture makes none

SHINANNIGANS - Because pistol whippings are just that fun

CATNIP - Who cares about geopolitcal issues when the fucking walls are melting

PROOF - Where's your god now?

LARGE HADRON COLLIDER - May 2008. We're all going to fucking die

TURRETS - "There you are"!

UNEXPLAINABLE - This picture can not be explained

BLITZKRIEG - When you only stop for kittens

RELIGION - Well, this is awkward

BANANAPHONE - Ring ring ring ring ring

SUDDENLY, BANANAS - ...thousands of them!

BLACK LINK - Ganon stole my hoe, I'ma go cap his ass

REDUNDANCY - Just in case you're totally oblivious

POOR DESIGN TEMPLATE - This is an example


OCCAM'S RAZOR - The simpler one is to be preferred

PRAYER - How to do nothing and still think you're helping

PATIENCE - Just a few more centuries

IMAGINE - A world without religion

JESUS - Santa Clause for grown-ups

GRAVITY - Just a theory

FAITH - The leading cause of death and destruction amongst humans

ATHEISTS - Winning since 33AD

ATHEISM - Reality is awesome

RELIGION - Keeping you in your place for thousands of years

TIME PARADOX - I divided by zero. OH SHI-

WAFFLES - Pancakes with syrup traps

CHRISTIANITY - Wakka wakka wakka

WHEEEE - I haven't done this in ages


OPTIMUS PRIME - Jesus couldn't turn into a fire engine

OH! - I see what you did there


KENYA - Forget Norway

FLASHBANGS - Nobody's friend

FIREPOWER - For when subtlety isn't an option

DR GREGORY HOUSE - He's not amused with your bullshit

BUNNIES - Because syrup just doesn't do it for you anymore

STRIPPING - I'm sorry daddy didn't pay attention to you. Here's a dollar, now start dancing.

A WIRE - Because beer is heavy

ELEPHANTS - Larger than the moon

RELAX - It's just my armpit

PLAY DUMB - If she looks too young... just assume she is 18

DIPLOMACY - Words dont' always solve problems. Sometimes you just have to punch an alien in the face.

RETARDS - We all know one

FATHERHOOD - If you kill that hooker, you can get your money back

MOM'S MINIVAN - Less conformist than the bus

INGENUITY - Don't just get a leg up on the competition, get 'em both up

JAILBAIT - You keep getting older and they stay the same age

FLEXIBILITY - It's almost never, ever over-rated

MY POKEMANS - Let me show you them

WII - Screw next gen. Gamers want to flail their arms like idiots

NINJAS - They're everywhere

CREATIVITY - If life gives you no money for hats, make a fro-hat

BEAUTY - in the eye of the beholder... okay, maybe not.

MULLET - It's always nice to know you're better then someone

BLASPHEMY - A ticket to hell has never been funnier

BEER - It does the body good

MOTIVATION - It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care

CHANCES - Don't be a pussy. This guy seems legit.

SOMETIMES - You just wanna break the law

SEXISM - Only ugly bitches complain about it

ENVY - It wears a coat and hangs out in hallways

SMOKING - When cancer can sometimes be the cure and not the problem

THE ARMY - Don't ask, don't tell

MYSPACE - Jesus fucking christ

RACISM - Just in case

THE KING - It's really good to be one

COOLNESS - You may be cool... but you'll never be 4 popped-collars cool.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT - Where 40yr old virgins unite

BEHOLD - The power

DAMN 5-0... - ...always fuckin' with a brother

WODDLE - Only penguins make it cute

BALLS - They aren't going to suck themselves, lady

MISTER ROGERS - You're special in your very own unique way. In other words, we're all retarded

GUITAR HERO - Because you finally beat that fucking song

COKE - Lets do some

CHURCH - Where to turn when google can't answer your questions

TRUTH OR DARE - Best game ever

TECHNO VIKING - The only person who could kill Chuck Norris

GYM TEACHER - A wise career choice

FEAR - It'll make you shit your pants

BOOTY - The difference in getting an A or just barely passing.

NINTENDO - It raised your sorry ass better than a parent ever could

POWER NAP - But not when you're on duty!

CHUCK NORRIS - He doesn't sleep... he waits!

IRONY - Just when you thought it could never happen

MONKEY SWORD FIGHT - There is no fucking way you can be cooler than this picture

TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL - Tomorrow, I'm thinkin' Arby's

FACEPALM - When words fail to describe the dismay, there is always Facepalm

SURPRISE ATTACKS - One things's for sure: Nobody ever sees the Pool Shark coming

FUCKING METAL - No matter how brutal you try to be, there's always someone ruining it for you

CAMO COUCH - It is made of hidden and sleep

NINJA REPELLANT - Not even ninjas can stop fire

PIC UNRELATED - It's probably true

FACEPALM - You're doing it wrong

DENIAL - Because if he's not really your fauther, you can keep doing your sister


ABORTION - Need moar of it!

JAILBAIT - Take two they're small

TOOLBARS - When one just isn't enough

JOIN THE ARMY - Meet new and intresting people - and then kill them

BEER & TITTIES - That's why Germany is superior

EATING DISORDERS - Sometimes, the best magic buttons, are the ones in the back of our throats

LEAVE HIM TO ME - The police may have what's left over

QUICKLY CHILDREN - Get inside pikachu's vagina

FOR TEH LULZ - The only reason anyone does anything

XBOX - Xbox is teh hueg lol

EPIC FAIL - Seriously, how the fuck did you manage that?

CRAPPY JOBS - You know you have a crappy job when your boss tells you a life preserver is a flack jacket

BAMBI SHITTING BAMBI'S - Because the world isn't fucked up enough

C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER - ...17, 18, frosted butts...

BARACK OBAMA - One badass mother fucker

EUROPE - We're all beautiful, thin, and intelligent

REALITY - No matter how good she may look now, somebody, somewhere is tired of putting up with her shit

COSPLAY - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

EMOS - Always fun to punch

NINJAS - When was the last time you saw a ninja?

GLITTER - The herpes of crafting supplies

EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY - A dick in a box

SOCK 'EM BOPPERS - More fun than a pillow fight!

INTIMIDATION - Aesthetics alone can scare the hell out of your opponent

CONSPIRACY - Elvis didn't die. he got fat and a really large camel toe

REMEMBRANCE - You may have performed perfected but you will always be remembered for your biggest mistake

ADMONITION - If you plan to dress like a slut, you might want to remember to hind your tampon string

CONFORMITY - Having the courage to be different could make you look retarded

PERCEPTION - Just because you dress like a slut, doesn't mean you're a slut or rapist

GUITAR HERO - For lazy bastards who do not want to learn guitar

ICY HOT - It feels good on the crotch area

RULE 34 - This could be good

DOGS IN HEAT - Its better than buttsecks

INVISIBLE BUTTSECKS - Secks in the butt

YOUR GUY - I played him and he died

MOONPIES - I iz one

TITS OR GTFO - It's either your mammaries or your word document

BEFORE YOU KISS - a little research, mmmkay?

I'M SORRY - I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

POOP - Nothin' says lovin' like something' from the oven

OH MY GOD - Where did that come from?

PIMP STORE - Buy one bitch, get another one at half price

GAY PORN - What else would he be masturbating on?

FORBIDDEN FRUIT - How many pieces do you see?

DAMN - That's you, 5 years from now...

CURVES - If i wanted a woman who has the body of a ten year old boy, I'd just date a ten year old boy

AMBUSH - Attacking when and where they least expect it

LINDSAY LOHAN - She'll flash her ass for a bunch of kids, but she won't do a full spread in Playboy.

BANGABLE - These girls are not

MISSING THE POINT - Why make a motivational poster if it's not motivational?

BOOBIES - You know you want them

WIKIPEDIA - Because you're too fucking lazy to reasearch it yourself

THE MEANING OF LIFE - Is a picture of Christopher Walken building Optimus Prime.

PEDOBEAR - Damn he's creepy

HEROIN - Because everyone needs a hobby

PEDO BEAR - Run for your fucking lives lolis

ZERG RUSH - This is the true face of starcraft

HOT REDHEADS - You read the title correctly

MOTIVATION - Nothing say keep going like a crazy mother fucker on a rooftop with a gun

DELICIOUS CAKE - This is delicious cake. You must eat it

WOMEN - They're only good for that lukewarm hole in their crotch, they'd better keep it ready for us

TOOL - When you have no style or imagination, just copy your friends

WOMEN - Always wrong

TRIPLE FAIL - Double only has one b

IDIOTS - Because everyone knows the correct answer was "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

NINJAS - So much better than pirates

JAILBAIT - Because we all know you'd tap that

GIVING UP - Because sometimes, people are just fuckin' stupid

NO SHIT - Sherlock

ORCHESTRAS - At least if you fuck up, no one will notice

RAPED - You're gonna get it

SLAVERY REINSTATED - Catch yourself a strong one

BROLY - His power is maximum

WEED - Helping americans learn the metric system

JESUS - Jesus loves the little donuts, all the donuts of the world

INNOVATION - Let's do more of that.

JAPAN - Producing 78% of the worlds wierd shit. Since 1952.

CORPORATE AMERICA - Because treating your customers like morons means you don't get sued

BIG ASS WHEELS - It's like masterbating in public... just because you can, doesn't mean you should

FAILURE - Nothing has ever failed quite as hard as you just did.

CEILING CAT - Is watching you masturbate

THEY SEE ME ROLLIN - They hatin, patrollin and tryin to catch me ridin dirty

INCEST - Fun for the entire family

THE ROCK - Hey guys whats goin on

BEAR GRYLLS - He simply walks into Mordor.

CREEP - Never saw it coming

TELEVISION - Why talk to your kids when you can watch with your kids?

INCOMPETENCE - Jsut because you have the tools doesn't mean you know how to use them

STEP SISTERS - No risk of genetic mutation in the offspring

WHY BOTHER - It'll only come back and slap you in the face

MASTURBATION - Because there's nothing on TV

POO - Because you can't spell shampoo without poo

BEER - Amazing things happen when geeks drink it

GOALS - It's best to avoid standing directed between a competivtive jerk and his goals

THINK - Do you really think you can fly if you flap your arms really fast?

SIMPLICITY - The simplest solutions are ofter the cleverest. They are also usually wrong

RETARDS - We all know one

HOUDINI - He started yound

EXERCISE - Welcome to America

E-THUG - Cause talking shit in person is dangerous

BRAVERY - Don't be afraid to stand up against your problems

HYDRATION - The key to marathon training

BEAUTY - It's only a light switch away

GROUP FAILURE - To ensure no child is left behind, none of us are going anywhere

VIOLENCE - Sometimes you want to punch someone

STUPIDITY - Taking it to a while new level

PHOTOGENIC - Some people have it, your ugly ass doesn't

DESPERATION - When no one else wants to take your fucking stress test

TIME - If the keg is gone, and no boys are taking to you. Its time to GO!

WHEN THEY SEE IT - They'll shit bricks!

WASH YOUR HANDS - Angry dog demands it

WHO SAYS OUR TWO RACES CAN'T GET ALONG? - We just have to sniff each others butts first

HIS LOAD - He just spilled it everywhere

HIS NUTS - They itch.

CHEERLEADERS - Finally they admit it.

SIGNIFICANT FIGURES - Absolutely Worthless,Just Use Fractions!!

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING - Seriously,how do you fuck this one up?

ELIMINATION! - Cause graphs and substitutions are against algebraic equations with emo variables.

JELOUSY - "I better be sandwitched between yall"

CURIOUSITY - Yay,now i have strawberry milk!


YIFF - God that looks fun.

DIMENSIONS - Point,Line,Square,Cube,Tesseract,Triacontakaiditeron

SUPER SAIYAN - Is it in you?

STUPIDITY - Misunderstood Bravery

DIRTY JEWS - Maybe nobody likes you because you killed Jesus?

MRS. PRESIDENT - Two words that are actually scarier than this picture.

FEELIN' HORNY - I'll fuck every woman in this room, provided you give me enough beer.

VEGETABLES - Sometimes you eat them, sometimes you keep them alive and make a big spectacle about them

SOMETIMES... - There are some things you just are not meant to see. this is one of those things.

JEWS - Not welcome here!

BRAVERY - The ability to go out in public wearing whatever you want, standing next to hot daughter

WINTER - Enemy of homeless people around the world

HAPPY FIST - Saw that? That was my Happy Fist. It likes to meet happy faces.

REALITY - Worst game ever.

PHOTOSHOP - For those that can't get a real girlfriend

NOOB - Opposite of pro

FLOOD - Look On The Bright Side: A Waterfront House

SCHIZOID - Hug a creepy guy once in a while, you might prevent a Columbine!

MCDONALD'S - A US Government conspiracy... and they're everywhere... all over the world...

STAR POWER - An excellent way to lure your fans away from the fact that you suck!

PERSISTENCE - No matter what you do, you'll never get anywhere

WUNNENBERG - Afraid of the Burger King...oh shit!

HEEL STRETCH - Yea,the expression on his face is enough to see what hes thinking.


ONLY IN JAPAN - You will find ass and boob cream.

NA AH AH - You dint say the magic word!

FREE CAT - Always a brighter side to everything!

MYTHOMANIACS - When it comes to trying to change the world, the only world you change is your own!

MCDONALD'S - A US Government conspiracy... and they are everywhere all over the world...

BOOBS - Nature's cup holder

INTERDIMENSIONAL CAT - Is watching you masturbate (twice)

WHO'S AWESOME? - You're Awesome!

PORN FOR GUNS - The next step in reducing gun violence

AMBITION - This kid has it

BLACK KID CRIMBS - 3 months old and already on parole

SEATBELTS - Protecting what matters

TWO GIRLS ONE HOSE... - Just add a cup and we're in business

SERVED - It's on

RUN DMC - You be 'illin.

REDNECKS - Cause who needs books when you could fuck your sister?

LIKE A WHORE IN CHURCH - You can dress them up, but you can't take them out...

WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS - A children's book based on true events...

NATURAL SELECTION - Because sometimes the gene pool needs alittle chlorine...


FRESH HERPES - Traditionally served when on top of cheap skank with a side of tuna

HAMSTER SNIPER - Small, furry, deadly...

GILF - When a MILF just isn't good enough... go for her mom...

LIFE BEFORE INTERNET - At least now, Tom will be your friend...

FLYING DOGS - Apparently, scary as Hell to some people...

COLLEGE - Teaching debt and alcoholism since the FAFSA...

COLLEGE - Clothes + Music + Sex = University Education

BELGIUM - It's where to go for cheap, superior ass...

ASSUMPTIONS - Never judge a tube by it's smell. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and it's funny to me.

YOUR GRANDMA - Been playin' too much WoW

SHIFT - To reverse and back it up

HELP ME OBI-WAN KENOBI - Your my only hope

BITCHES - Are made not born

COWS - They travel in herds

HMMM... - I dont get it

CAMERA - I should give that kid one.

LOVE CRIME - White-on-white violence is less offensive

CELEBRATION - Somewhere in the world, a villiage is missing it's idiots

REGRET - Getting $2 off my movie tickets isn't worth this shit

ECONOMICS - Labor always costs money

TRUST - If you really love me, you'll let me have nude pictures

IRONY - Sometimes it is better to be 13-6 than to be 18-1

COINCIDENCES - Scoring is alot harder when you don't know what plays the opposing team is going to run isn't it?

CLASS - You ran up the score all season long, but when it comes time to take your loss, you run off the fiel

COMPENSATION - You should use your god-given skills to get to the top but if god forgot to give you skills, just ge

BULEMIA - The smart way to lose weight

ATTITUDE - Bitch, talk to the hoof


VARIETY - Because bananas ain't the only things niggas like eatin n'shit...

TRUE LOVE - Sometimes you know it the instant you see it across the bar

TAPE - Shutting bitches up since 1926

PUNISHED - Lying about having a fever typically results in a feverishly hot spanking

NATURE - The great outdoors brings us one step closer to enlightenment, serenity and peace

WOMEN - Because this shit ain't folding itself


ORANGE SODA - Because KFC be too salty dawg!

GANKING - When a fair fight is just too difficult, bring your friends

DOMESTIC ABUSE - Because a man shouldn't have to repeat himself

DETERMINATION - Sometimes you jsut gotta tke the pussy

LIFE - Sometimes it can be pretty good actually...

DAUGHTERS - Because if you dont' teach them, someone else will

CHILD SUPPORT - Helping sluts buy boobs and designer clothes since the 80s

CHICKEN - Black people like it

BEAUTY - If she's hawt enough on the outside, who cares how annoying she is on the inside

ANAL - Because it's cheaper tan birth control

US AIR FORCE - We know how to conduct a war!

STEROIDS - No matter how much you put in your viends, you're still Carrot Top

FUCK - This guy doesn't give one

HAIRCUTS - Six bucks at a barbershop, free at home!

MCDONALDS - Customer

WOMEN - Can't drive

TEMPTATION - Do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering?

STUPIDITY - Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win and never quit and idiots

BOO BERRY - The flavoring

LOW LEVEL SUPERS - Not everyone gets to be the avengers

TEAMWORK - Share victory. share defeat

DODGE - It's not only for rogues anymore

HOPE - I cant Vanguard on this, right?

WISDOM - Wisdom can increase you mana pool.


CAREFUL...DON'T RUIN IT - Do you think that she wants to hear about yoru Drizzt clone?

MUNCHKIN - Whatever gies the most plusses!

STEALTH - You can't see me!

SAN CHECK - Okay, now roll sanity

FEARLESS - Because sometimes you have to remind the DM that you ain't afaid of nothin

SIZE - But I get a +2 to hit!

THE FALL OF MAN - This ring's proper bling, innit precious?

MULTI-CLASSING - All the disadvantages of both and the benefits of neither

RIFTS - Even the bras do MDC damage

CHICK TRACTS - Because every good game needs a laught now and then

VIRGINITY - Dude, you have chosen poorly.

MIN/MAX - Just a couple more points won't hurt

WOMEN'S ARMOR - Because sometimes the best armor is no armor at all

DUNGEONS - Home to porny slave girls since 1974

FANTASY ARMOR - What armor bonus does cleavage give again? and bare midriff?

DUMP STATS - When is Charisma ever going to be useful anyway?

REDUNDANCY - You only need one universal system to play any game. That's why you have nine thousand books.

KILL THEM ALL - And take their stuff

SNAKES + PLANE - Some times dont have to make sense. In face, they're better if they don't

CROSSOVERS - Some things only make sense when you're drunk

HIRELINGS - When it's just too dangerous to send a real character

RPG ARTWORK - Let's face it, a lot of it is porn.

KEEP TALKING - Maybe eventually you'll say something that will reverse all the other stuff you just said

D&D SUCKS - We get it. You don't like D&D. You can shut up now.

GAMERS - Right now, other people are having sex

IT COUL DBE WORSE - You could have sunk all of your points into your vehicle

HOT WOMEN AND MAGIC SWORDS - Because you'll never have either

KATANA - It can cut through a tank! No, really! I saw it on the internet somewhere!

WILD MAGIC - Not always a good idea

DEXTERITY - A god-stat by any other name...

SNEAK ATTACK - Reach out and touch someone

CONVENTIONS - Don't make eye contact

YOU'RE SO FUCKED - Seriously fucking fucked

ACCEPTANCE - Call it what you want. They're still toy soldiers, and you're still playing with them

POINT-BUY SYSTEMS - To get that bad-ass ray gun, Bob only had to take a few disadvantages

OBSCENITY - Oh my goodness

IGNORANCE - Sometimes it's best not to know

GUNS MIGHT BE FOR PUSSIES - But damnit, I'm alive

THE RULES - They may be stupid, arbitrary and irritating, but god help you if you break them

CALM DOWN - Don't sweat the small stuff

GRAVITY - Aw fuck

CHRIS FARLEY'S SIS - Lives in a van, down by the river

YOU AUDITION - We'll let you know

AMERICA - Fuck yeah

ZOMBIECAT - He cannot be contained

PIRATE PORN - Because ninjas are hard to film

FRIENDS - Why is it we have plenty as kids and our circles shrink with age?

POISON - A little goes a long way

OBESITY - Will that extra slice of cheese really make you happy?

KITTY PORN - When normal port just won't do you have to go for the illegal shit

COUSIN LOVING - A victimless crime?

FLEETING - Not true

FRENCHMEN - Wouldn't you like to give them all a bloody good kicking?

ASIAN GIRLS - If you don't like them, you're probably gay. Or french.

ACCIDENTS - Even god likies to drink on the job, it happens

ACCEPTANCE - Always be yourself.

THE INTERNET - It's for realz!

DUCT TAPE - It blocks pills, but not bullets. Hint hint

DESTINY - If you're patient, you will too get yours

ALZHIEMER'S - What do you mean dfaivexlz isnt' a word? And why is my picket filled with chewed steak?

RETARDATION - Sucks, doesn't it?

GOAT RAPER - Can't way we're really missing you

CHALLENGER - See what happens when you let minorities and women onto the Space Shuttle?

BAD GRAMMAR - It's nuclear, not cucular. You fucking idiot

FEELING HORNY - I'll fuck every woman in this room, provided you give me enough beer.

THE KKK - Because someone's gotta spread the hate

FUCKED - You did, now you are

RACISM - It works both ways, asshole

GEEKS - Yeah we get it alreay, you have never had sex and never will

REAL LIFE PETER GRIFFIN - Sucks to be you guy

IMAGE - See black people, I'm cool. Please see my movies

INNOCENCE - He made Thriller man... Thriller

WINTER - Enemy of homeless people around the world

METH ADDICTION - Looking bad never felt so good

VEGETABLES - Sometimes you eat them, sometimes you keep them alive and make a big spectacle about them

YOUR BOY, BLUE - Old people die. it's what they do

FAMOUS FIRSTS - Yeah, I was fucking her before it became the 'in' thing to do

SELF-CONFIDENCE - Whether you can fit them or not, the cute casher will have to find out for herself

ORIGINALITY - Cunt muscle? Who else would come up with that shit?

GENOCIDE - Hollywood cares, so I guess it's kinda important.

TRAGEDIES? - All those asians. Who thought anyone would have even noticed?

OPTIMISM - You're fucked, sucker

DIRTY JEWS - Maybe nobody likes you because you killed Jesus?

YOU'RE FIRED - The two words heard by whatever fucking genius decied to give this album cover the greenlight

DEMOCRATS - Race baiting since they were using traps with fried chicken

AUSHWITZ - Finger licking good

SOMETIMES - There are some things you just are not meant to see. this is one of them

THE MILLION MAN MARCH - Oh yeah, I went there

NEG REP JIHAD - Because you asked for it, n00b.

SUICIDE - Go ahead. we're all rooting for you

PLUTO - Fuck you, asshole planet. You're fucking dead to us

BORAT - After Bush, only the second man in history to piss off a whole country

BLOWJOBS - Helping women get jobs since the 1930's

MARIJUANA - All the cool kids are doing it

AGE - Your voice is obviously the first thing to go.

TRUTH - Hurts like a motherfucker, don't it?

THE RAZOR - Are these not available in Asia?

HOSHIHITO'S WIFE - Now accepting applications for female love slaves

PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE BEARS - ... they're alreayd full

JEWS - Not welcome here!

THIS GUY - What the fuck is up with him/

MRS. PRESIDENT - Two words that are actually scarier than this picture.

JEEZ, CLOWNS, HOW MAN TIMES. - Dont trust them

SKILL - I drive drunk with a bong in my lap all the time and this has never happened to me

THE BRIGHT SIDE - Thanks for the nucluer bomb, Maerica. Things turned out pretty well over here

IT'S ALRIGHT TO BE AN IDIOT - As long as you have somebody else to be an idiot with, so you don't get singled out as the only idio

DRY HUMPING MANNEQUINS - Sometimes, all it has to be is human shaped to get you off

CHOICES - Silly Emo, You thought you didn't have any

SELF ESTEEM - Don't worry. There are people here to take care of that

BRAVERY - The ability to go out in public wearing whatever you want, standing next to hot daughter

TEAM EURPOSE 2008 - Maybe USA will have a chance!

TEAM USE - When you've tried your best and failed

KARMA - Go ahead. Keep fucking with those animals

RELAX - Because sometimes a galactic war has to take a break

HOT SISTERS - Does it count as insense if you run one out to your attractive sibling?

WORK - This is why you do it

TRACKDAYS - Because golf is for faggots

SERENITY - Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul

REPSOL - It's Spanish for "Teamwork"


POTENTIAL - Not everyone get to be an astronaut when they grow up

PERSPECTIVE - Everything looks better from the inside of a motorcycle helmet

IMAGE - Only for riders who stays on long strait roads

HARLEYS - Making men into boys since 1918

GOALS - Just because you have them doesnt mean you can reach them

GEAR - Because walking way in disgust beats riding way in an amulance

FAITH - Chicken strips are for losers

DUCATI - Making mechanics out of rides since 1946

DRAG BIKES - Ever wonder why they're called that?

DONUTS - No I dont' have any freakin' donuts

DETERMINATION - It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters

COMMITMENT - When you're beyond screwed, but way too stubborn to care

CHROME - Won't help if you can't ride

AIM HIGH - What's the worst that could happen?

ADVENTURE - Is taking inappropriate equipment to out of the way places

FRUSTRATION - No matter how many times you try, you can't shoot the dog

TITS - They're fucking awesome

PHOTOSHOP - For those that can't get a real girlfriend

FUCK YEAH - I fucking love Halo

GIRLS - They taste better

CONCENTRATION - Stay focused on your goals no matter the adversity

ASIANS AND DEER - They look the same when you run at them full speed

TITS - They dont' magically appear when girls turn 18

PETER GRIFFIN - Is watching you masturbate

IMAGINE - Cuz you'll never have a chance

CUNT PUNT - When you've had just about enough of playing fair

TRUE LOVE - Sometimes you know it the instant you see it across the bar

ANTICIPATION - You know she wants it

HEPATITIS C - Sign me up for that shit

TEENAGE TITS - Gods best work - satan's best tool

MCDONALDS - Animal growth hormones are good for something

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS - Because no matter how old you are, they're always the same age

TELL THE TRUTH - You noticed the word nintendo first

MYSPACE - Because following little girls around at the mall is way too much work

FIRST RULE OF JAPANESE PORN - As cuteness increases so does the likelihood of being horribly raped by biant tentacles

PERSPECTIVE - Things can ofter look better from another angle

OBSTACLES - Because the journey can be just as amazing as the destination

MISSING THE POINT - Photographer's shadow. SLOPPY!

JUST KIDDING - There's no candy

ZORRO - Was here



NINJAS - Just give up, they are fucking everywhere

PEEK-A-BOO - I see you!

CHUCK NORRIS - Chuck Norris can see John Cena

JOHN CENA - Loves the unicorns


PRIORITIZE - At least you can fix the bike

PEANUTS - Treenuts they are not.

ULTIMATE HULK - He scores way more pussy than regular hulk

UNICORNS - If you find a D&D chick, chances are she would rather fuck a horny horse

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE - His death taught the gargoyles nothing

SCAT PORN - It sure is thirsty work

NERD - If you know who he is supposed to be you are one

ZOMBIE RAPE PARTY - Fight smurfette, for the love of god fight

GOTHAPOTAMUS - Your lucky its on a leash

SCAT PORN - It sure is thirsty work

DISAPPOINTMENT - When daddy would rather be with his new wife’s kids

LITTLE SISTERS - You won him over...your sister helps keep him at home

SNOWBOARD CAT - When you’d rather take her on vacation than deal with a full litter box

SANTA CLAUS - He knows you touched your sister’s hoo-ha

FAVORITISM - It sucks.

OH MY GOD - Look at the state of your walls young lady

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Where patience really is a virtue.

GAMERSLUT - She does not approve of your hax

ALBERT EINSTEIN - Proving relativity one ass at a time

GAY-TEST - If you like the one on the left, I've got bad news for you.

ROR - Raff Out Roud

Y SO SRS? - Tonight, People are going to die.

LAMBO DOORS - So played out, Lambo's don't even have them

SMILE - People will wonder what your up to!

SEGWAY WAR - New Chinese infantry. Guess they couldn't afford trucks.

PREPARE - To have your ass handed to you...

JOHN HOWARD - DJ's like a Mad C**t

SHIT - We're sorry to announce that it happens

DARTH VADER - Sometimes even lightsabers need a new blade..

PRODUCT PLACEMENT - Forcing you to unconsciously spend money everyday

BLACK OUT - Black Out...Is it too soon for this joke?

FAILURE - Aggro as two G's, faggot.

MYTH BUSTED - Myth Busted

PUSSY - Its in the Busch

CAMOUFLAGE - Protecting men from honey-dos since 1902

MORNINGWOOD - Rise and greet the new day

SCUBA GIRL - The next best thing to a horny Mermaid

COFFEE - Served just the way you like it

WHY? - Cuz, the school nurse is hot, that's why.

SMART CHICKS - Just like unicorns, dragons, and fairies: Entirely Mythical

NAKED AND SILENT - Yes, this is indeed a good day

JACKALOPE - Hunting licenses still available

ANGELS - Is This Heaven?

BUTTERFLIES - A favorite pet of angels everywhere

DETENTION - Again!? When will I learn...

CIRCLE PIT - Becase Slam Dancing Wasn't Gay Enough

BEER - Does the body good!

THE ANSWER - It is yes


IT'S HER JOB - Even the manufacturers know it.

WILFORD BRIMLEY - Bitches dont know bout my diabeetus

MILTON - My Stapler!

TOM CRUISE - Years to good movies ratio

SIDE WALK SALLY - Serving Osan since ever since

JAILBAIT - If we both hit it, maybe we can share a cell

X-RAY WEBCAM - Coming soon with speculum cam upgrade

SAND IN UNCOMFORTABLE PLACES - Our best scientists have nearly discovered a cure

NERD DREAM GIRL - Someone, Somewhere is masterbating to this picture

CLUB CHICKS - Aren't afraid to ask for what they want

HOCKEY FIGHTS - Girls making out can make anything sexy


X MARKS THE SPOT - If she struggles, bury your treasure again

PIZZA DELIVERY - In 30 minutes or get 30 minutes

IT'S REAL... - Where's your god now!?

CUP HOLDER - Guess where she keeps the chips and dip

THE GUTTER - When your mind gets there, you'll see it

BAD ASS!!! - I Fucking Love Kill Bill

FACE FUCK - That's One Way To Keep The Bitch Quiet

CAT MINT - What's Uuuup?!

FRIDGEDOG - Have You Seen The Cat?

KEEPING IT WARM - Just Not For You

JAILBAIT - Just Think... When You Get Out Of Prison She'll Be 18

SHARING - Is Caring


THIS IS WHY... - Baseball is America's Favorite Pastime

FRIENDS - Always Willing To Lend A Helping Hand

PEAK-A-BOO - Not Just For Kids

FINLAND - Be afriad. Be very afriad!

FAIRY DUST - Sadly does not exist...

ROAD RAGE - It's for REAL men who fight in moving traffic

JAILBAIT - Your ticket to being a celebrity comes with a sex offender sign for your front lawn

MY FIVE - She's in it

MY TIE - Give it Back!

REDUNDANCY - Sometimes it's subtle

SEATBELTS - Click It or Ticket...won't be a problem

EASTER - F!@*! that holiday

PHOTOSHOP - Making us think unnatural thoughts about horses since 1990

LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE - Girls playing tackle football in their underwear...why wasn't I informed of this earlier?

GOTH JAILBAIT - If there's grass on the field...whatever

JAILBAIT SEDUCTION - Take note of the pose, because you'll be repeating it with your cellmate, Bubba

C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! - Somebody had to say it!

BARRELL ROLL - Not always the best solution

PROOF - If Bob Barker says you fail, there's no disputing it.

DANE COOK - One silly bitch.

LICENSES - Not everything in life requires them.

PSYCHOS - It's almost always the cute ones.


VIAGRA - You could fuck concrete!

DIAMONDS - That'll shut her up...FOR A MINUTE!

PORSCHE - For when you want to announce your wallet & penis size to the world.

IGIYARI! - Think of it as Japanese for "Shut the fuck up, n00b!"

FLOORCAT - He watches you masturbate!

KUNG-FU FIGHTING - Even cats do it.

CHAIRS - Fuck 'em!

PRODUCT PLACEMENT - Know your target audience

CONDOMS - At least use one with your girlfriends mom

EPIC FAILURE - And that shit is permanent

CLOVERFIELD MONSTER - Now you know what the fuck it looks like

COURAGE - Doing what nobody has done before

MUTES - Your little secret will always be your little secret

LAS VEGAS - You better hope it stays there

BARBIE - She's got some nice tits

SANDCASTLES - He hates them

PERFECTION - When you see it, you'll shit bricks.

30% OF WOMEN - Should have just shut the fuck up

PEDOBEAR - He is real...and comes in pairs

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS - Ever tried to shit bricks in a wetsuit?

BODYSLAM - When bitches just won't listen

ROCK BOTTOM - You'll know it when you get there.

THE MAZDA MIATA - When the rainbow bumper sticker just doesnt show who you really are

CAMOUFLAGE - Too bad it can't hide your face

ABORTION - It brings out the little kid in you

WOMEN DRIVERS - I bet the boat just jumped out in front of you

BOTTLED WATER - Now available in a can

40LB BOX OF RAPE - You know you want to open it

OH SHIT - Secretly, you always knew this day would come

AMPHIBIOUS ATTACK TIGERS - Yeah you're pretty much fucked

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS - You know you want to help them

RETARDS - We all know one

FACE RECOGNITION - 49% different is a lot

NINJA KITTY - You never see him until it's too late

MONEY - What? you're overweight? i didn't notice.

KARMA - It's a bitch, ain't it?

DAMN - They got smart

IN CASE OF FIRE - You are destined to burn

PERSISTENCE - If you stop now, you'll never get that cookie

FLEXIBILITY - Wait... was I saying something?

INVISIBLE SANDWICH - This is a sandwich, it is made of invisible and non-existant.

EASY BAKE OVEN - Teaching girls their place since 1963

THE DEVIL - Satan will take any more to make you sin, this one is a keeper

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY - An engineering feat

CHUCK NORRIS - Even Google is afraid of fiding him

ANSWER - Cubbybear is doing anal

CLEARANCE SALE - Brand new dishwashers and sandwich makers!

FLAME WARS - Kicking it old school.

YOU... - Are experiencing a car accident

MOSES - The ultimate badass

PROFESSIONALISM - You're a Sith lord and a role model in the organizational. Start acting

GREAT MOVIE - Dont make a poster of it

WASH ME - Somebody get me some soap and a washcloth, this may take days to do

YOU AND YOU'RE - Maybe a cartoon will help you finally figure it out

SHAME - No, you should not have done that for a Klondike bar

FLUFFY - Deadly things come in can come in cute packages

MCCAIN TAPS SARAH PALIN - Well, who wouldn't?

SEND LINK - A helping option in FireFox


HYDROGEN BOMB - When you really want to piss off the neighbours

THE BEATLES - Because somebody had to be the fucking best

CORM - I like it

COME TO DADDY - Wait... what?

MULTITASKING - That's just showing off

ATTENTION - Some people need it like a drug

MOIST - And not just their mouths

ANNE FRANK - Hide and seek champion, 1941-1945

JOB SATISFACTION - Remember when you couldn't wait to clock in and take someone out?

IDEA - Lose weight

JAILBAIT - So tempting even other jailbait wants a piece of it


SIGNS - They're there for a reason

EXHIBIT A - The proof that she was asking for it you honour

COOKIE MONSTER - That cookie wasn't worth it, was it?

AH, C'MON - Do they even have to ask?

CLOWNS - Resistance is futile

EPIC FAIL - For some things, there's just no excuse

HONESTY - The first of our values

OH SHIT - Hang in there kid. this is gonna be a hell of a ride

MOONWALK - Its How You Cross The Street

BOATS ON FIRE - Not That Unusual

BOOBS - Without them... Life would not be worth living.

FANTASY - Better than getting busted for kiddie porn.

GUIDOS - Tanning gone horribly, horribly wrong.

FAMILY - Sometimes your entire family is fucked!

THIGHTS - Robin's secret weapon

FRIDGECAT - Have You Seen The Milk?

SEXY - Don't try it at home.

COTTON PICKING - Fun for the whole family

SINGLE AND LONELY - I still dont know why you are still bitching... we made you a pillow!

CAMEL TOE - Don't be ashamed ladies! Hell even Elvis had one!

PHOTOGRAPHY - Sometimes you just need that extra car to help you get the right angle.

CATS - Because not only do they have nine lives... BUT APPARENTLY THEY ARE SOME LUCKY BASTARDS TOO!!

CARPET MUNCHING - Reaally only good at certain times of the month. Also putting your whole head in... not really neces

VALENTINES DAY - Don't let them fool you, even single fat chicks love Valentines Day!!

CRABS - Because with just an once of cream you can forget all about that fat chick you fucked last night

SUGGESTIVE SELLING - What are we selling again?

DATING - Because 2 rohypnol can make the night complete

EBONICS - Because without it we would all just speak... cracka

SOCCER - Sounds like a shit load of fun to me!

CAKE - Because lets face it, its just better eatin naked

THE HOMIES - There dissing my girl

PEDOBEAR - Don't fuck around with him except you're underage

WHALE SEX - Because child porn isn't NEARLY sexy enough without a whale

PEDOBEAR'S MASTER - Pedobear Michael Jackson

ASIAN GIRLS - Do you REALLY wanna fap to anything else?

BEEF - It's whats for dinner, tonight

WIRED - Video games aren't her only stimulation

GRILL MARKS - She'll have some if that beer is warm

CONFIDENCE - Even when goals look impossible just remember: You're Bo Jackson, and you can zig-zag.

GUARANTEE - If being...

ASS'S - ... You can help butt stare...

YO DAWG - Yo dawg

DOUCHEBAGS - They travel in packs

SKILLS - You need them first

GENERAL LEE - You are doing it wrong

CHOICES - Wanna Balloon? SHIT YEAH!!!

SLEDGEHAMMERS - Sledgehammers

THE PEOPLE'S EYEBROW - Can you smell what Barack is cookin?

COINCIDENCE - It cannot happen twice!!!

TITS - It is your choice

FAT CHICK - They are always hungry

GUNS - They are dangerous

FRENCH TRAINS - Retard Probability in 40 minutes

HAIRY BALLS - I have them

A BAG OF MARBLES - He's lookin' at it

HYGIENE. - Because looking like a dumbass in public is worth having a minty breath.

SWINE FLU? - Give me a Vicodin and 20 minutes and I'll figure the shit out.

TENNIS - Gay as aids

SMART CAR - Because miata guygotta make fun of someone

RECALL - You might wanna open that envelope


THE NA'AVI - When smurfs and Jamaican sprinters don't practice safe sex.

PHOTOSHOP - Tools used to hide truth can occasionally be used to reveal truth.


RED HEADED STEP CHILD - Always good for a laugh


THE NEW CUB SCOUTS - Working on the arson badge

ASSHOLE WEBSITES. - Because they will make you feel bad about the tiniest mistake.

BLOW JOB - You got it wrong

STEREOTYPES - They have a way of working out

FAIL. - Using Firefox when Google Crome is ftw.

CP OR JAILBAIT - If theres hair on the muff, shes old enough!

JAILBAIT - 15'll get you 20

JAILBAIT - So young and such a big pole

JAILBAIT - Your mother said not to play with your food

ROLLING PIN - Means shit is going down!!!


GOOGLE - Always knows what you're really looking for

LOSER - This guy's a loser

UNIPUBEBROW - Your Prize For Passing Out In First Place

COUNTRY - Yep, I'm Starting To See The Resemblence

QUICKLY! - Someone get that woman a penis!

DANE COOK - Biggest Douche Bag Ever!

YOU CAN'T HURT ME - Not with my cheese helmet

POOP - I think it likes you.

THE POSITION - Se's assumed it

MEANWHILE... - And cute mini giraffe, too

IT'S NOT RAPE... - ...If she can't say "No!" in the first place!

POOP - No biggie

THANKSGIVING - You will never look at Thanksgiving dinner the same again

STARCRAFT II - Best left to Koreans and Nuns.

ENVY - Makes a thin girl fat.

THINK FAST - When there's no time for logic, use your instinct.

FIND TIME FOR YOURSELF - Get away from he business and just Be.

FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE - Don't do unto others what you would want done unto you.