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RAPED - You're gonna get it.BACK TATOO - TRUE LOVE - If she doesnt leave even after you pee on her then it was meant to be.BE SILENT - Notice the beauty of the world around you.DUNGEONS - Home to porny slave girls since 1974
BLACK KID CRIMBS - 3 months old and already on paroleUNDERWEAR - Sometimes it's good ideaCAPS LOCK - Are you ready to unleash the fury?NOTHING - Nothing really needs to be said does it?THIGHTS - Robin's secret weapon
SMILE MOTHERFUCKER - Because your ass is grass!HOLY SHIT - A firebirdBACARDI WITH LEMON - It makes you laugh out loudSQUIRRELS - Armed and dangerousOTTERS - They like beavers, but they aint
DUNCAN - Better at shredding then you'll ever beLIFE ALERT - I've fallen and i can't get upJAIL BAIT - Admit it, you'd go to jail for this.VERY GOOD WORK - AmaizingGRAVITY - Is a bitch in the end
EPIC FAILURE - Sometimes, you just have no excuseHEADPHONES - You're doingTWO DADZ - One DurangoAMERICA - This is why it's fatNINJAS - There are 12 more hiding behind

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