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MILTON - My Stapler!SYMBOLISM - You're doing it wrong.THE FAIL BOAD - Welcome aboardGOOGLE - Always knows what you're really looking for
THE RAZOR - Are these not available in Asia?HEAVEN - In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.MOOD SWINGS - When Pissed Just feels right.RPATZZ - Its notMY MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS - Better Than Otokage87's
GET OUTSIDE - Get your blood flowing and experience the worldTHOUGHT EXPERIMENT - Imagine that each one of the these penis pumps represents a different religion. Still think you GENIUS - One Step Away From Totally NutsDEAR CHILDREN - One day you will learn everything about Santa Claus, on that day remember everything the adults haveWORLD STRIEAK - Army&MAN
PROBLEMS - Because they just dont go away unless they're detonated.NINJA ARMY!!!! - HELP!!!! THEIR EVERYWHERE!!!!FROM THE MAKERS OF MATRIX - Coming Out This AugustVAGINA - Sheik has one.BOTTLE - You should have got the waiter to open it for you
TELEVISED FAIL - Fields Denoted With a * Must Be CompletedOH LOOK - I just cummed my pantsGOD'S ANTI-SON-OF-A-BITCH MACHINE - Also known as HaloSTRANGER BOY - Bad boyYOU'RE DOING IT WR- - ...wait what the fuck ARE you doing?

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